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At AMP Foods India, we believe that nutrition and health are paramount to our overall well-being. We realize that the diet is one of the most crucial parts of keeping fit and wanted to offer the world an easy way to integrate fitness into their diets. We strive to provide quality healthy food preferences to everyone.

It was started by Prakhar Aggarwal and Lokesh Muniyal with a goal to impart health awareness and food options to every household in the Country.

Everybody deserves the purest natural form of food items on a regular basis, which they can achieve through our products and our subscription boxes.

Why we created AMP

We wanted everyone to have easy access to healthy food and, the extraordinary time and effort to attain these foods should not deter them from leading a healthy lifestyle. Wanting to consume something that is good for your body and mind should not be more difficult than acquiring any other kind of food.

The wide applications of our products as an accompaniment and as the main ingredient for meals is unprecedented and we want to educate people about the lucrative nature of our products.

Come Amplify Yourself through our products.

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